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Oolong Teas

TUNG TING – Frozen Summit

A celebrated, very flowery, lightly oxidized tea, squeezed when moist into little irregular oval shapes by a special pressing technique. This tea dances with notes of lilac and juniper and is imported directly from the bright slopes of the Tung Ting Mountains.


Gui Fe is a leaf-bitten tea in which green leaf hoppers are allowed to bite the tippy buds while still on the tea plant. As a result, the tea leaves begin to oxidize while also secreting sugars to heal the leaves. This natural process yields a final product that is aromatic and sweet, with hints of ripe plum. An additional roasting step brings out delicate cedar notes to the final infusion.

ALI SHAN – High Mountain

This high mountain oolong was first discovered on Dobra Tea travels in the Spring of 2005. In the high mountain tea gardens, weather conditions offer plenty of fog and lower temperatures, which are ideal for producing the best oolong tea. The gardens are situated between 1000 and 2300 meters in attitude. Ali Shan oolong offers a sweet fragrance with overtones of flowers and fresh tropical fruit.


Oriental Beauty undergoes a high degree of oxidation and is processed with an abundance of white tips. The brewed liquor is incredibly velvety and delicately sweet with a lingering aroma and taste of peaches and honey. It also belongs to the category of “leaf-bitten” teas (see description for Gui Fei).  It is one of our finest oolongs, and was discovered on our trip to Taiwan in the spring of 2018.