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Green Teas


Ales Jurina, one of the founders of Dobra, was first introduced to this tea at a Hong Kong Tea Festival in 2008.  And even though we have been sourcing the tea ever since, it wasn’t until our May of 2014 visit to the Jukro Tea Company on the beautiful slopes of the Jirisan Mountains in Hadong County that we discovered first hand why it tastes so amazing.  It is certified organic and painstakingly processed completely by hand. One sip of this “sejak” (the second spring plucking from approximately April 20th – May 5th) will have you hooked on its exquisite aroma and savory, oceanic flavor. The high temperature pan-roasting, hand rolling, and slow drying process have given this tea the honor of winning the Gold Grand Prize and Gold Prize every year since 2008 in Japan’s World Green Tea Contest.

Meet our Nok Cha supplier, Cho Yun Seok, of Jukro Tea Company. He also supplies our wooricha, a Korean black tea.