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Green Teas

Remembering the Tea King

A remarkable Chinese green tea produced in the famous tea province of Yunnan. It brews into a sparkling, pale green infusion which offers unique and inimitable delights of taste and aroma. It is cultivated at a high altitude, with long, silver, downy-tipped leaves firmly rolled lengthwise. A well rounded, medium bodied green tea.


This legendary and highly sought after tea takes its name from the famous “Tiger Spring” and its mystical “Dragon Well,” where pristine waters gush from ancient stone. This quartz-lined spring near Hangzhou village was a favorite place of Emperor Qianlong, who paid several visits to the area to sip this “royal treasure.” With over 1200 years of history, its cultivation has been perfected by the people of Zhejiang, and its popularity has never faltered. The robust leaves are flat and golden- green in color, with a lovely shine that comes from the traditional method of pan-firing the freshly picked leaves in large steel woks. This stops the tea from oxidizing, and also contributes to its nutty, nourishing taste — a taste as sweet and clean as the bright water of the spring. As the savory fragrance rises from the cup, and the undulating pleasure spreads through the mouth, all wishes are granted. A nutty and full bodied green tea.

Blue-Green Spirals of Spring from Tai Lake”

This tea is made exclusively by hand in Dong Shan, on the gently sloping banks of Lake Tai. Hanging over the tiny-leafed tea plants are fruiting trees: peach, apricot, and plum. They bloom as the plants reach their fullness. When brewed, the tea blossoms with a ripe, slightly astringent and softly herbal taste. A delicate and mild green tea.

Watermelon seeds

Liu’An Guapian hails from the Dabie Mountains of western Anhui Province. It is quite unique in the world of green tea in that its leaves are left on the bush for longer than most high-end green teas making them larger and bolder in taste. And only the first leaf is plucked, rather than a combination of leaves as with most green teas. This tea has a wonderful soft flavor and a long finish.

The Buddha’s Tea from the Island of Putuo

It is of the five most celebrated teas of China. A quiet strength arises out of these tiny, lustrous leaves, calling to mind the focused aromas of the meditation hall. The two-and-a-half thousand year old tradition of cultivating gourmet tea on Putuo island guarantees that this particular tea, grown in the gardens of the Buddhist monastery and processed only by hand, will always be of superior quality. On the island’s shore, a magnificent statue of the Bodhisattva Guan Yin stares out to sea, while the foamy air and the colors of the sky swirl around her. This tea is perfect for observing the world with a steady, loving compassion. A light and slightly floral green tea.


Mao Jian green tea is naturally scented with white magnolia blossoms. This tea has an array of light citrus and floral notes combined with vegetal green tea.  Delicious!

Dragon Eyes

An extra-fine, high quality green tea made from selected fresh tea tips, with a flowery taste, the aroma of a mountain breeze, and above all, a unique appearance. A smooth sweetness covers the mouth and lifts one’s mood. The tea is hand-processed by Chinese tea pickers into little balls resembling pearls, which unfold charmingly in the cup after the first infusion.

Pearl Tea

Known as “pearl” or “bead” tea in China, this classic variety is widely known as “gunpowder” tea in the West. While the Chinese
name is a literal translation, its Western moniker came about when early importers of the tea noticed its similarity in appearance to the dark 
 grey pellets used for cannon fire. The tea is distinctively shaped into small, tightly rolled balls with a dark sheen that hints at its volatile quality. Tea-crafters in Zhejiang province carefully dry the leaves 
in metal pans that are rocked back and forth over a fire. The finished product yields the famous smoky flavor and aroma that makes this variety so dangerously delicious. A bold green tea that is only served in a China Pot, and is not re-steepable.

Little Bird Tongue

A superior jasmine tea from Fujian, produced through seven successive cycles of blending in and removing Jasmine flowers. The small, mossy- green leaves, flecked with white petals, hold a pervasive jasmine aroma and a distinctive lingering taste.


Hand rolled pearls of select green tea tips and jasmine flowers yield a bright cup of pleasure for jasmine lovers. The flavor and aroma are classic yet more subtle, producing a heady bouquet that keeps its liveliness infusion after infusion.


Flowering Tea

Artisan Flowering Teas are hand-tied and bloom beautifully when infused. These unique teas are beautiful to behold and tantalizing to taste!  They are a whimsical combination of green tea and flowers such as jasmine, marigold, lily, and osmanthus.  Served in a glass water pot for your viewing pleasure.  Perfect for sharing.