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So many teas, so little time.

So many teas, so little time.

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All of our teas are sourced directly from their region of origin and have been hand-selected for their exceptional quality and freshness. We work with farmers who employ sustainable farming techniques and who have agreed not to use harsh chemicals or fertilizers. Not all of our teas are certified organic, but they are all grown organically and have passed strict European Union (EU) Standards for purity.  All of our herbal tisanes are certified organic.

Here’s a statement made by the owner of Rishi Tea which only sells organic tea:

“The reality is some of the finest teas in the world, produced in centuries-old artisan fashion, come from farms that grow “organically” and responsibly, but are not able to become Certified Organic. This could be due to expense – the farm itself must pay for the certification and inspections, as well as anything that has to be done to the land to earn compliance – or lack of availability of the program in that area. It’s worth noting organic certification does not guarantee flavor quality, as the certifying agencies do not evaluate and taste the teas on that level.”

Our Seals of Purity

Each of our teas is hand-selected for purity and certified as follows. Notations are within each individual tea’s description.

CO: Certified Organic

NG: Naturally Grown

WA: Wild Arbor Grown

USCO: USDA Certified Organic

ME:  Meets European Union standards for strict pesticide testing

CG: Conventionally Grown

Our teas are sourced directly from the following countries:  China, Japan, India, Vietnam, Korea, Sri Lanka, Kenya, Nepal, Taiwan, Argentina, US, and Turkey.

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