Dobrá Tea’s COVID Response

Dear Customers and Friends,

The safety of our customers, staff and community remain our highest priority with the current COVID-19 pandemic.

We  are taking all precautions put forth by Hospitality Maine, the City of Portland Health Inspections staff, CDC and State recommendations.

  • We are sanitizing high-touch surfaces several times daily.
  • We require frequent hand washing and before packaging tea orders, preparing food or making teas.
  • We are sanitizing packing equipment before fulfilling each order.
  • We are limiting seating to outdoors, and will open indoor seating when it feels safe to a limited number of people within state’s capacity guidelines, with contact tracing in place.

Thank you for being here with us. Tea is such a comfort in this time. We ask that you stay safe and healthy.
We will make it through.

Ellen Kanner and Ray Marcotte


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