Tea Journey: Sri Lanka 2020

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We’ll be traveling for tea to visit our suppliers of Earl Grey, Ceylon Tiger River, and Ceylon Adams Peak.

Ceylon is the name given to Sri Lanka by the Portuguese Empire when it arrived in 1505, was transliterated into English as Ceylon. In 1972, its formal name was changed to “Free, Sovereign and Independent Republic of Sri Lanka” and in 1978, it was changed to the “Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka“.

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Tea + Craft Fair

December 14-16, 2018


Our 5th Semi-Occasional Tea + Craft Fair

December 14-16, Friday 5-9, Sat 10-9 and Sun 10-7

As usual, a percentage of sales will be given to a local charity.

Our tiny tabletop Tea + Crafts is happening again this year!

Stay tuned on Instagram and Facebook for participating crafters!

All items are made by tearoom staff, friends and family, who are artists and craftspeople themselves.

Jewelry, cards, artwork, prints, knitted and crocheted items, clothing, tea-potted plants, and many other unique and hand-crafted treats – a perfect way to enjoy a sip of tea and get in some holiday shopping!


On the Artwall: Faces and Finds in the Tea Lands

The Chai Wallah, Darjeeling, India

On the Artwall through mid March

We visited him early each morning and the occasional afternoon for street chai and Kitchari, the Indian dish of mung dal, potatoes and many spices.

Through our tea journeys, we’ve found great beauty in the tea lands, cultures, and people of these countries: The Chai Wallah you share breakfast with, the tea pluckers who have just negotiated their work day with the estate manager, the family of 3 on the back of a motorbike aiming to get to work and going faster than our car going 60 MPH. Life is lived with fewer safety precautions and people take greater risks to sustain themselves. Their striving to do so often catches us by surprise. These photos are a collage of experiences, the faces and places that make traveling for tea such a unique and rewarding experience.

– Ellen Kanner and Ray Marcotte, Dobra Tea owners

On the Artwall: Unbound Color by Maria Castellano-Usery

On the artwall through mid July

The colorful artwork of Maria Castellano-Usery

Maria Castellano-Usery
Brunswick, ME


I was born and raised on Long Island, New York, and I earned a BA in Fine Arts in 1994 from Hofstra University. Within a year of graduating, I moved to Maine, and have since made this beautiful state my home.  Since selling my first piece in 1996, I’ve been consistently involved in showing my work in both group and solo settings. In July 2007, I decided to intensify my commitment to my art and have since painted every day. When traveling doesn’t allow me to be in front of my easel, I bring along a sketchbook.

My work has been described as joyful, fun, mystical, and colorful. I give myself up to the process and just let things flow; subject matter is whatever grabs me at the moment. There is plenty of darkness in the world already; I try to infuse my work with light, love, and positive energy.

On the Artwall: Nancy Kanner – Caribbean Inspiration

Caribbean Inspiration – For the love of color!

by Nancy Kanner

On the Artwall through September

I am inspired by the multitude of colors from the Caribbean – the beautiful turquoise seas, the green of the lush tropical forests, the warmth of the bright sun and the uplifting spirit of the colorful houses. In my acrylic and encaustic paintings I aim to capture these colors while illustrating various vignettes found on my travels to the islands. The elephant inspired encaustic works are drawn from the love of color. I hope as you view my work you feel the tranquility of the Caribbean, the warmth of the sun and the cheerfulness of the bright colors.

Darjeeling First Flush Tea Estates


2015 Darjeeling First Flush

2017 Darjeeling First Flush (spring pluck) from these two estates:

Mission Hill Tea Estate – SFTGFOP1 SPL (Super Fine Tippy Golden Flowery Orange Pekoe, grade 1, SPL = Special)

Situated in the lap of lofty Himalaya, Mission Hill Tea Estate is spread over a sprawling 951 acres of land. Mission Hill is surrounded by forest, agile mountain streams and snow-capped mountain peaks. The estate has been producing very high quality teas, rich with the flavors of traditional Darjeeling. The history of the estate dates back to the days of the British Raj in early 1900s. The Survey & Settlement Reports of C. A. Bell, ICS 1901-1903 & H.C.V. Philpot 1919-1921, indicate that the estate was formally granted between 1903 and 1919. “Mission Hill” probably got its name from the early Scottish Missionaries who had a mission in the area.

Mission Hill Tea Estate

Tindharia Tea Estate – FTGFOP1 (Fine Tippy Golden Flowery Orange Pekoe, grade 1)

The name “Tindharia” means the “place of three mountain ridges” and the estate is located at the confluence of the three mountain streams in the South Kurseong dstrict of Darjeeling. It is a small, boutique bio-organic tea estate which pays detailed attention to all of its tea production. The estate starts at an elevation of 400 meters, and extends up to 1,000 meters.  Thirty-five percent of the plantation is under China bushes, 10% is AV-2 clonal bushes, 25% hybrids, and 30% Assam bushes. Tindharia is certified organic by Control Union for USDA, EU, and JAS. It is also certified FLO Fairtrade.  The estate considers its workers to be its prime asset and maintains harmony and excellent relations with the workers and the community while developing the infrastructure.

 Tindharia Tea Estate

First Friday Free Tea Tasting + Art!

Join us for a free tea tasting on First Fridays 5-7PM!

Join us for a tea class - The Six Classes of Tea, Saturday, November 15

We’ll have select teas available and will share our knowledge about origin, processing, and history.

  • Learn how terroir, processing, and other factors effect the flavor of whole leaf teas.
  • Ask questions.
  • Discover what makes one class of tea different from another.

And come check out our current artists!