2018 Taiwan Tea Journey

May 11-24, 2018

We will once again be traveling for tea, this time to Taiwan to connect with the farmers and producers of our most favorite oolong teas!


Embarking on another tea journey, the owners of Dobrá Tea, a teahouse located at 89 Exchange St., Portland, will head to Taiwan for oolong plucking, production and sourcing of these cherished teas.

Walking from India to Nepal, 2017

For most of May owners Ellen Kanner and Ray Marcotte will travel with 10-12 other “Devoteas” from the US and Eastern Europe to connect with producers while tasting and selecting teas to sell in their tearooms. Along winding roads and various forms of transportation, the group travels to tea farms, experiencing up to 6 tastings per day, and where the agenda is to compare the quality, flavor, and characteristics of these special teas. Previous trips have been taken to India and Nepal (2017), Korea and Japan (2015), The Azores (2016), and China (2012). Organized by business partner and founder Ales Jurina of Dobrá čajovna, Prague, CZ, the tea trip is both an educational endeavour and chance to connect with the farmers and producers while gaining insight into the culture of Taiwan and its tea heritage.

You can follow their journey off their website, www.dobrateame.com.

The tearoom will remain open normal hours, opening at 10 everyday, and cared for by the dedicated staff of Devoteas. It serves over 100 teas and tea drinks, desserts and light fare — all vegetarian, some gluten free, and many vegan options. www.dobrateame.com.

Contact: Ellen Kanner 207-956-0355 or

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Tea Trip 2017 – India and Nepal

Mar – Apr 2017

Our recent trip for tea took us to India and Nepal, from the far eastern region of Assam tea territory near the border of Myanmar to the Taj Mahal, to the foothills of the Himalayas and the gardens of Darjeeling.

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October 2016 – Azores, Portugal

We’d heard about tea being grown in the Azores, 800 miles off the western coast of Portugal. In October 2016, we headed in that direction to find two tea plantations, Chá Gorreana and Porto Formosa, creating black teas in the Chinese tradition. We brought teas back for customers to try and hope to offer these regularly in the tearoom sometime soon.

China Tea Journey 2012: Map, Itinerary & Photos

On April 17 at 6AM, Ray hopped on a plane bound for the tea fields of China.  With little more than a 2600 cu in. backpack, he started his trek in Kunming and ended the journey 35 days later in Shanghai’s tea markets.

Through photos, videos, and a map, we document our first trip to China for tea. Though Ray did pack very light, photos taken with a small camera and an ipod Touch for timely updates over wifi, provide a unique view of China and its people, along with our tea friends, producers, and farmers.

The following was Ray’s itinerary, traveling with the  Dobrá Tea family from the US and Europe:


View Journey to the Tea Fields – China 2012 in a larger map

Wednesday, 4/19 – Arrival in Kunming 12:40AM

Thursday, 4/19 – Acclimatisation in Kunming

Friday, 4/20 – Kunming surroundings

Saturday, 4/21 – Tuesday, 4/24 – Supplier Pure Tea co. – Tea-king tree, Processing of Lao Shu Bing Cha, Cha Tou, and other Yunnan Teas – West to Kunming

Wednesday, 4/25 – arrival in Dali

Thursday, 4/26 – free day in Dali

Friday, 4/27 – travel from Dali to Lijiang

Saturday, 4/28 – free day in Lijiang

Sunday, 4/29 – day to relax

Monday, 4/30 – Lijiang – Chengdu (by air)

Tuesday, 5/1 – Chengdu – historical and modern Tea-rooms

Wednesday, 5/2 – Thursday, 5/3 – visit Panda Center & Leshan (giant Buddha statue)

Friday, 5/4 – move to Mingshan – visit Meng Ding Huang Ya (Yellow Tea) supplier

Saturday, 5/5 – Sunday, 5/6 – move to do Liu An/Anhui – by boat on the Yangtze River – Three Gorges

Monday, 5/7 – Liu An – meeting with Anhui Teas supplier, crop and produce of Liu An Gua Pian

Tuesday, 5/8 – move to Wuhu

Wednesday, 5/9 – Wuhu, Tea-market, separation of travelers group

Thursday, 5/10 – Monday, 5/14 – free schedule, went to: Yixing (tea pots!)

Tuesday, 5/15 – Hangzhou – meeting of the travelers group

Wednesday, 5/16 – Zhejiang Tea Import and Export Co., Long Jing in Hangzhou area

Thursday, 5/17 – Friday, 5/18 – Zhejiang Tea Import and Export Co., Zhucha Shaoxian/Ningbo area,

alternatively by sea Ningbo-Putuoshan or back to Hangzhou

Saturday, 5/19 – move from Hangzhou/Putuoshan to Shanghai, meeting of the travelers group

Sunday, 5/20 – Shanghai – final Tea-shopping

Monday, 5/21 – departure from Shanghai and return home.