3rd Saturdays: Middle Eastern Music

Every 3rd Saturday, 8PM

Each month, a Middle Eastern Ensemble presents music from the richly varied contemporary and historic cultural traditions of the Middle East including Ottoman Turkish Classical compositions, rural Turkish folk and devotional songs, Arabic classical and folk music, and dance music from the Armenian and Turkish immigrant diasporas. A belly dancer is usually in accompaniment.

Free, tips appreciated.

About Okbari

The Okbari Middle Eastern Ensemble appears as a duo, trio and a quartet, and has performed at venues throughout New England, the East Coast and the Midwest, including prestigious institutions such as the Old Town School of Folk Music in Chicago, Alwan for the Arts in NYC, and enjoyed the honor of being invited to perform at the 2009 Chicago Arabesque Festival. The Ensemble also performs with world renowned Armenian-American clarinet virtuoso Mal Barsamian and has shared the stage in Istanbul, Turkey with the Kemani Serkan Ensemble and the Rumeli Meyhane Fasil Ensemble.

Okbari Middle Eastern Ensemble is Amos Libby (oud, vocals), Eric LaPerna (riqq, daff, tabla and nay), and Duncan Hardy (qanun).
Okbari will have CDs for sale.

About Zapion

A student of the late Udi Alan Shavarsh Bradezbanian, Eric LaPerna, formed Zapion Middle Eastern Ensemble in 2010, along with fellow Okbari bandmate and Qanun player, Duncan Hardy, and Clarinetist, Maria Wagner. Zapion plays Folk, Classical and Art music from the Turkish and Arab traditions, as well as Armenian American Kef and Greek music. Zapion got it’s name from a Greek Taverna Udi Al used to perform at in the 70’s, and are doing their best to keep the music he loved alive.


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