Info For Musicians

Interested in performing in our tearoom?

NOTE: WE ONLY BOOK PERFORMERS WHO PLAY NON-COPYRIGHTED, ORIGINAL MUSIC.  NO COVERS. Licensing libraries BMI and ASCAP have had issue with previous performers performing copyrighted music when that is not an option.

We do not host singer-songwriters nor most vocal performers as we are focused on instrumental music that is appropriate to the atmosphere of the tearoom – – instrumental world music, jazz, or similar.  We also look for unique acts be it belly dancing, poetry readings, etc.  We prefer non-amplified performances, and require original music. We are happy to have you come share your voice and talents!

A few items of note:

If you have a following, you’ll probably have more of a crowd to perform to as well as earn more tips.  We are still in the process of making ourselves known as a venue for live music so crowd size varies from 4-30 audience members.

Promotion:  We add it to our events calendar, our Facebook page and Twitter.

Payment: We pay with free tea and food, with the option for you to put out a tip basket.

Dates and times: Booking weeks ahead is a good option as we’ll be able to promote it.
We book shows Friday and Saturday nights ONLY, with an occasional afternoon gig on the weekends, if  we deem it appropriate.

We’ll need the following from you for the promotion:

  • A write-up for our site – please send us a bio and description of your work that is appropriate for promotion on our site. We will link to your site for further information but we need the bio written by you for our promotion purposes. Simply sending us to your site to concoct a bio from what’s there isn’t what we need.
  • Link(s) to music clips or examples of your work.
  • A specific, pre-selected photo that you’d like us to use on our site.

Please contact us if all this sounds good – we’d love to hear what you have to offer!