Artists On Exhibit

Currently Showing on the Artwall in The Blue Room

Exhibits are exchanged around the mid-month, about 4 times per year.

Past Artwall Exhibitors







  • November – January: Eclipse, works of art in pen & ink, by Travis Graslie. On the Art Wall through the end of January.
  • October: China Through The Tea Leaves, select photos from our journey to China, Spring 2012, in search of tea and culture, Ray Marcotte.
  • August: Revisited – the beautiful and intriguing acrylics of Deb Barth, with prints and cards also on sale.
  • July: Fragments: Steeped & Brewed, the found object glass work of Pamela Perkins.
  • March – May, Photographs from Tea Countries, by Chris Wriggins


Interested in showing your artwork on the art wall?

Please review our info for artists and let us know if you think your artwork will be a good fit!